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Central Heating Systems

Does your heating system need upgrading?


We Specialise in domestic gas central heating systems, we only use the most reliable boilers from quality manufacturers. Replacing your boiler and radiators with the latest technology can greatly improve the effciency of your heating system.

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Boiler Changes

Is your Boiler on the Brink?

Installing a new and modern condensing boiler could make you huge savings on your monthly heating bill. Worcester, Valliant and Ideal now make condensing boilers which could improve efficiency to over 90%. This could reduce your heating bill by more than 30% which would give you a substantial saving over the lifetime of the boiler.

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Gas Servicing

Keep yourself Safe. Get your Boiler Serviced.

Gas Servicing

We offer very competitive rates on all gas servicing including boiler servicing, gas fire servicing, water heater servicing, fault finding and safety certification for landlords.

Gas Servicing Price
Domestic Gas Boiler£72.00 inc VAT
Domestic Gas Fire£67.20 inc VAT
Gas Water Heater/Multipoint£72.00 inc VAT
Landlords Safety Check and Certificate£54.00 inc VAT
Hourly Rates
Attend to Fault Finding/Repairs (First Hour)£86.40 inc VAT
Attend to Fault Finding/Repairs (Additional Hour/Half Hour)£54.00 inc VAT
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Have a Burst Pipe?

We carry out repairs and replacement plumbing services from replacement taps to completely new hot and cold pipe work.

We can offer advice on which products will be best suited to your needs and property. We can assist with the design or adaption of your current/proposed plumbing system.

We are happy to supply and install plumbing products but are also happy to install items supplied by you. Ultimately we are here to help with all your plumbing needs.

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Power Flushing

Are your Radiators not performing Properly?

Save Money on Bills

You may notice your radiators don't perform as well as they did when originally installed. This is very common and if you have ever seen the water expelled from your heating system when you bleed a radiator you will understand why.

Residue and sludge builds up over time and gradually impede the circulation of your heating system. The result is restricted circulation which means your radiators take longer to heat up and don't get as warm leaving you with a less efficient heating system which takes longer to heat your home and increases your heating bills.

Power flushing is a simple and cost effective solution which will restore your heating system without replacing perfectly good radiators.

Contact us now to arrange a visit from one of our highly skilled engineers and a free no obligation quotation. If you are able to tell us the age and type of the system and the number of radiators in your home we will be able to give you a fairly close estimate before we visit.

A professional power flush can reduce heating bills and save you money.

A professional power flush will cleanse your central heating system and remove the built up sludge and residue. Having your system power flushed will not only increase it's efficiency and reduce your heating bills but will also extend the life of a new boiler.

We can also help protect your boiler from the build up of sludge and scale deposits by installing an inline magnetic filter. These filters collect the impurities from the heating system helping to maintain the efficiency of your heating system and again prolonging the life of the boiler.

Power flushing is completely safe and all the cleaning agents injected into your system are non toxic. Prices vary depending on the type of heating system.

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Gas Inspection

Gas can Kill... Don't ignore it!

Gas safety is a very serious matter. There can be no compromise. Gas escapes and carbon monoxide releases from old or poorly maintained appliances can and will kill.

All of our gas engineers and gas installers are Gas Safe Registered and fully qualified to undertake gas safety inspections.

What's included in a Landlord's Gas Safety Inspection?

  • Our gas engineers test your boiler for gas tightness and gas leaks.
  • If test points are available we will test standing and working pressures to verify they are with in the expected range.
  • We will check the pressure/gas rate of your burner against manufacturer's guidelines to ensure it is working at optimum efficiency.
  • We will check the ventilation and ensure it is satisfactory.
  • Our engineer will perform a flue flow test and remove any by products of combustion to ensure there are no blockages.
  • We will test all flame failure devices and ensure they are operating as expected.
  • Check that all devices have been properly fitted and are physically stable.
  • We will look for signs of system misuse by tenant and report any unsafe or negligent operation.
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